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Manufacturing is th process in which an item is created (fabricated) from raw  materials instead of being assembled from ready-made pieces or parts.In 21st century house fabrication has become very popular because its an easy way to construct a home, and the housing industry is booming in the whole world right now.

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Steel Structure Fabrication

  • Kitchen Equipment

  • Structural Steel Erection & Installation

  • SS Cladding
  • MS & SS Handrail
  • Architectural Works
  • MS & SS Tank
  • Shed Fabrication & Erection
  • Domestic Aluminum Fabrication

  • Commercial Aluminum Fabrication

  • Aluminium Door Fabrication

  • Aluminium Frames
  • Glass & Aluminium Fabrication
  • Kitchen Equipment

  • Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

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