Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Air conditioning is the process of altering the propertiesof air (primerly temperature and humidity) to more favorable conditions.The control of these conditions may be desirable to maintain the health and comfort of the occupants, or to meet the requirements of industrial processes irrespective of the external climatic conditions.

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Air Conditiong

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Air Conditoning (HVAC)

It is used to Make Relaxing and Enjoying Environment in Humans Surrounding, In this we treat Hot Air and Change it to chilled Air this Process of altering Air’s Condition Called Air Conditioning in which We Use Numerous Technologies to Deal with,  AL-Mubashir  is having Expert Team in All Over HVAC Era
Chiller HVAC || Fixing All A.C. units up to 250 tons
All Updated and Older types of Cooling system.

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